Agriculture Activity

In Our agriculture we don’t use herbicides, pesticides and synthetic fertilizers.
We want to maintain the environment healthy and we believe that good foods give a good health.

We product vegetables for company use.
Our most important farming is the bean:
  • - bean of Lamon IGP intended also for sales;
  • - bean "Bonel" intended for sales;
  • - fagiolo "Gialet" intended for company use;
  • - other local varieties of beans to taste in Company.

We cultivate “Marano” corn and “Pignol” corn that give a good flour to make “polenta” always present in our menu.

We produce walnuts and chestnuts in part intended for sales.

We are introducing in Company the cultivation of buckwheat, spelled and wheat to make bread.

In addition to numerous pets: dogs, cats, donkeys and pigs, we breed in enclosed spaces, rabbits and chickens.
We follow the group “Coltivar Condividendo” (cultivate by sharing), because everything is moving,
and the best future is that one that is built together without forget the past.
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