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Approach with an easy mountain reality for one or more days. Didactic experiences in a context full of life, of history and knowledge. We want to stimulate observation and research arousing important, essential and unforgettable feelings.

Didactic activity is done during morning along the old path that from the bottom of the valley comes to the Company, initially focusing on the stream bed that is ideal for naturalistic observation. Along the trail, we do different breaks to involve children in reading the landscape and to listen to stories of past life. We arrive to the Company at 12.00 and here we eat an hot snack with a discount for school groups.
During the afternoon, activity continue with natural games and activities previously agreed with teachers on argument shown below.

The environment: reading the landscape and different ecosystems as life on lawns, on river, on wood and on rocks.
Wild herbs, shrubs and trees to recognize playing.
Agricultural word: chestnut tree and his importance in the local economy, chestnut ecosystem.
Hive life, recognize the mallifera flora, discover and taste products made by bees.
Our animals: closely observe and discover habits and behavior of farmyard animals.
Wild and cultivated fruits: recognize and use.
Wild and aromatic herbs: cultivate different colors and different smells.
Land products: observation, recognition, history and using in food with cereals, legumes, vegetables and their importance in the daily diet.
Mountaineer life: home and rocks. Men, animals and lands: mountain pasture. Milk and fire, life style, beliefs and stories.
Woods and woodman: job, tools, trees, woods, their use in the tradition and wood stories.
Fairy tails and stories of the past around the fire.
Building huts in the forest!!

Activities on request

The bread: organic farming nods and recognition of cereals; history of bread. Children knead loaves, they give them the desired shape, watch leavening and cooking in the wood oven.
The kitchen: preparation of homemade pasta, potato gnocchi, preparation and cooking of cookies, preparation of pizza. (only for classes that stay here more days).

Adopt a tree: after that we learn how to recognize trees and shrubbery along the didactic path, children can transplant into their own pot a tree taken from our didactic garden and carry it to school. Trees on our garden were sown by other classes.
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