The Farmhouse

The farmouse is located on the nord side of Grappa’s massif, 600 meters high,
it’s 7 km far from Feltre and it’s surrounded by an ancient wood of chestnut trees.

The rustic setting is particularly appreciated for the silence
and solitude that surround it.

Simple walks nearby the company, hikes of different difficulty on Grappa’s massif
or in the National Park of Belluno Dolomites are available.

Signor de la Crosera
Il Foiarol.
This building, newly built, called “Foiarol” was built following traditional technique, the roof is made by branches of beech.
Signor de la Crosera
Signor de la Crosera
Signor de la Crosera
Shed for catering.
Il Forno
Signor de la Crosera
Here, in the middle of forest, there is a stately beech with branches really close to the ground,so, if you like it, you can climb the tree.
It’s the tree of trees
That is the father, but maybe the grandfather, or maybe the leader of all trees in the forest.
Our daughters, when they were young, have choose this name for the farmhouse.
Gli animali
Gli animali
Gli animali
Tree house.
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The Company is equipped with a photovoltaic system to produce electric energy, with a solar system to produce warm water and with a rainwater recovery system for hygienic sanitary use.

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